Samsung proudly announces its partnership with Earth Day Run 2024, a significant stride towards environmental responsibility. Committed to fostering sustainable lifestyles, this collaboration aims to leverage Samsung’s innovative technology to promote eco-conscious choices. Together, they will engage communities through digital campaigns, workshops, and green initiatives, fostering a collective commitment to a greener tomorrow. This collaboration exemplifies Samsung’s dedication to making a positive impact on the planet and encouraging individuals to embrace environmentally friendly practices.


The Tzu Chi Foundation is a global humanitarian organization dedicated to alleviating the distress of individuals in need and fostering a more compassionate, loving, and hopeful world. Having operated in the Philippines for 27 years, the foundation has been actively involved in disaster-stricken regions, positively impacting lives through diverse initiatives in disaster relief and rehabilitation, education, medicine, and environmental protection.

This year, Earth Day Run partners witn Tzu Chi Foundation to advocate for the environmental protection, recognizing the urgent need to address pressing environmental challenges.



We are reaching out to you with an exciting opportunity to join hands for the Earth Day Run 2024! As we gear up for this impactful event, we are actively seeking partners and sponsors who share our commitment to environmental preservation and protection.