Participants are required to complete their registration online via the official website or designated registration platforms. During registration, participants must provide necessary personal information, emergency contacts, and affirm their agreement to the specified terms and conditions. It is strongly recommended that the closest family member who is in Manila should be written as the emergency contact person. Payment of registration fees is to be conducted securely through the designated payment gateways available on the website. Request for information changes will not be accepted once the event has started. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis.


Participants must meet the minimum age requirement specified for each category. Moreover, participants are required to be physically fit and in good health.

  • For 21K, participants must be 18 years and above
  • For 10K, participants must be 16 years and above
  • For 5K, participants must be 13 years and above

Children aged 12 and below are welcome to join the run, provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Participants under 16 must secure consent from their parent or guardian and complete the entry form, ensuring the mandatory inclusion of the parent or guardian’s signature.

Race Kit Collection

Participants will receive detailed information and the schedule for race kit collection either through email, SMS, and social media platforms. The communication will include the designated venue, date, and operating hours for kit collection. Clear instructions on the necessary identification or confirmation processes will be provided to streamline the collection process.

Contents of the Race Kit

  • Race Number: Each participant will be assigned a unique bib number, crucial for identification and timing during the race.
  • Timing Chip: Included in the kit will be a timing chip attached behind the race number, ensuring accurate tracking of each participant’s race time.
  • Event Singlet/Shirt: Participants will receive an official event singlet/shirt as part of the race kit, promoting a sense of unity and identity among participants.
  • Sponsor Goodies: The race kit will feature the exclusive reusable Hydration Bottle from Gatorade, aimed to help decrease the consumption of single-use plastic bottles, contributing to a reduction in plastic waste and its detrimental impact on the environment.

Participants are encouraged to adhere to the communicated schedule for race kit collection to facilitate a smooth process and ensure everyone is well-prepared for the upcoming event

Race Number

Your official race number (bib) must be fully visible at all times and worn in front. The timing device is attached to the back of the number, so avoid folding, wrinkling, or covering it with a jacket, belt, water bottle, or any other item. Failure to display the number properly may result in your finish time and split times not being recorded.

Remember to fill in the emergency contact number on the back of the race number with details of a family member in Manila.

If you lose your race number, you’ll need to register again. Runners without the official race number won’t be allowed to participate.

Please note that race numbers are non-transferable. Don’t give, sell, or let anyone else use your race number. Anyone caught not wearing their assigned race number or engaging in unauthorized transfers will be disqualified and suspended from future events.


Your official finishing time is documented by the timing system, calculated from the moment you cross the starting line to when you reach the finish line. Top finishers will be determined based on gun time, which is the duration from the starting horn until the runner crosses the finish line.

Start & Finish Points

The official marathon map will be announced soon and will clearly indicate the designated start and finish locations. Participants are advised to review the map to familiarize themselves with the route.

Detailed information regarding the assembly area and start times for each race category will be provided. Participants are required to arrive at the designated assembly area on time, as indicated in the event schedule. Climbing over barricades or entering improperly may result in disqualification. To ensure participant safety, once a corral is closed, late-arriving participants must report to the next available corral.

Participants who do not commence the race within 15 minutes of their respective flag-off time will be disqualified and may not be allowed to start. Disqualified participants will not receive any race results.

In the interest of safety, and to allow reopening of streets as scheduled, race courses will be closed after the following designated cut-off times.

Please refer to the event communication for specific details on assembly areas and start times for your registered category.

Route Information

Course Measurement and Facilities:

The official race course adheres to RUNRIO standards and includes strategically placed water stations, medical aid points, and/or portalets for participant’s convenience.
Course Boundaries:

Participants are required to remain within the designated course boundaries, marked by barriers, traffic cones, delineation, and/or other visible markings, throughout the race. Deviating from the course may lead to disqualification.
Rejoining the Race:

Once a participant leaves the course, they will not be allowed to rejoin the race, whether for the purpose of obtaining finisher’s freebies or to pace or assist another competitor.
Unofficial Pacers and Assistance:

Unofficial pacers or unregistered participants are strictly prohibited. Participants who receive assistance from individuals other than official medical personnel during the event may face disqualification. It is essential to adhere to the event’s regulations to ensure fair competition and participant safety.


Hydration stations are strategically positioned approximately every 2 to 2.5 km along the route. Participants will have access to both water and sports drinks, complemented by bananas for those participating in longer distance categories. Littering is strictly prohibited; dispose of waste responsibly in designated bins.

Medical Support

Medical personnel will be stationed along the route as well as at the start and finish lines to ensure participants safety. If you require medical assistance during the race, please follow these procedures:

On the Course:

  • In case of a medical emergency or the need for assistance, approach the nearest medical personnel stationed along the route.
  • Look for the distinctive medical tents or personnel wearing identifiable medical vests.

Start and Finish Lines:

  • Medical support is available at both the start and finish lines. Seek assistance from the designated medical areas or personnel if needed.

Emergency Contact Information:

  • Familiarize yourself with any emergency contact information provided on your race bib or in the participant guide.

Communication Devices:

  • If you have a personal communication device, use it to alert event staff or medical personnel in case of an emergency.

Your well-being is our priority. Do not hesitate to seek medical assistance if you experience any health concerns during the race. It is the responsibility of participants to inform race officials of any existing medical conditions.

Awards and Prizes

In each category, the top 3 winners will be recognized. Winners will receive a trophy, medal, and a cash prize. Any additional awards, such as overall winners, age group champions, and special recognitions, will be announced separately if applicable.

It is imperative for winners to be present during the awarding ceremony; otherwise, they may forfeit their entitlement to the award. Your presence ensures proper acknowledgment and the timely receipt of your well-deserved recognition and prizes.

Post-Race Activities

Details on the exciting post-race activities, entertainment, and available recovery services will be announced separately.

As soon as you cross the finish line, don’t forget to grab your well-deserved finishers medal! Head over to the finishers redemption areas at the activity zone, where you can also pick up your loot bags and other awesome sponsor goodies.

Environmental Responsibility

Participants are strongly encouraged to dispose of waste responsibly throughout the event. Let us show respect to mother Earth by adopting mindful waste disposal practices. Utilize designated bins for proper disposal of waste materials, promoting cleanliness and environmental consciousness.

Results & Certificates

Official race results will be accessible within 1-2 days after the race. Ensure data accuracy by completing the required online forms accurately to maintain data integrity. Visit the official website to view and celebrate your race results. Participants can proudly download their race certificates directly from the website. This personalized certificate serves as a lasting memento of your race accomplishment.

Code of Conduct

Participants must respect fellow runners, volunteers, and event staff. Any participant engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct or offensive actions or language towards event officials, fellow participants, volunteers, or spectators may face disqualification. Any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Protests related to results will be considered within one (1) hour after result postings. To submit a protest, please provide a written statement to event officials or email [email protected]. A non-refundable protest fee of P5,000 is required. Verbal protests will not be considered.

Photos & Media

Official event photographers and videographers will capture participants during the race. By participating, you consent to the use of your images and footage for promotional purposes.


For the safety of all participants, please adhere to the instructions provided by event officials, including staff and volunteers. Skateboards and strollers are not permitted. Headphones, earbuds, or any audio devices that obstruct hearing are discouraged.

RUNRIO reserves the right to modify event details, including postponing, canceling, or suspending the race due to inclement weather or safety concerns. Participants are required to immediately exit the race if instructed to do so by event officials, medical staff, or any governmental authority, including firefighters and police officers.

Prohibited Items:

For the safety and security of all participants, the following items are strictly prohibited:

  • Weapons, including firearms, knives, mace, etc.
  • Any potentially dangerous items such as hammers, saws, sharp objects, etc.
  • Flammable liquids, fuels, fireworks, toxic chemicals, and explosives
  • Large packages, coolers, tents, etc.
  • Sleeping bags, large blankets, or comforters
  • Alcoholic beverages and illegal substances
  • Unmanned aerial devices, drones, survey balloons, photography mini-copters, and any flying device with an on/off switch.
  • Opaque trash bags and any non-transparent plastic bags (Clear trash bags are allowed)
  • Containers of liquid larger than one liter
  • Strollers
  • Suitcases and rolling bags
  • Costumes covering the face and bulky outfits extending beyond the body’s perimeter
  • Selfie-sticks and any camera mount or rig not directly attached to the head or torso

Rule Changes

The race organizer may change, without prior notice, any of the rules and regulations that they may deem necessary to ensure the success of the race. The race organizer’s decision is final.

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